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The Complete Detective - Joanna Piercy Mysteries Books 1–15

The Complete Detective - Joanna Piercy Mysteries Books 1–15

Joanna Piercy

In This Fifteen-book Box Set:

Book 1: Killer On The Moors

It's Detective Joanna Piercy's First Day Back At Work After Her Promotion. You Could Cut The Tension With A Knife. But There's A Missing Nurse To Find.

Book 2: Burnt On The Moors

The Burnt Body Of A Ten-year-old Boy Is Found Up On The Moors. Di Joanna Piercy Is Determined To Catch Whoever Did This.

Book 3: Frozen On The Moors

Detective Piercy Might Have A Serial Killer On Her Hands When A Young Woman Is Found Frozen On The Moors And A Local Mother Never Makes It Home.

Book 4: Kidnap On The Moors

Powerful Lawyer Jonathan Selkirk Receives A Threatening Letter Hours Before Suffering A Heart Attack. The Next Day He's Missing, Leaving Only A Trail Of Blood Behind.

Book 5: Missing On The Moors

Detective Piercy Discovers Farmer Aaron Hardacre And His Son Jack Shot Dead. But Aaron's Daughter Ruthie Is Nowhere To Be Found. Is She The Killer?

Book 6: Murder On The Moors

The Milkman Discovers Nan Lawrence's Body — There's Blood Spatter All Over The Tapestry She Was Embroidering. Detective Piercy Must Catch A Vicious Killer.

Book 7: Hidden On The Moors

Five-year-old Madeleine Wiltshaw Is Missing. No One Saw Her Disappear From The Playground At The End Of The Day. Detective Piercy Starts Up A Desperate Search, But Maddie Could Be Hidden Anywhere On These Moors.

Book 8: Stalker On The Moors

Detective Piercy Investigates The Case Of A Missing Woman. Then A Body Is Found. Strangled And Dumped Under A Hedge On A Moorland Road . . .

Book 9: Revenge On The Moors

A Local Moorland Resident Discovers A Body At The Bottom Of Her Garden. His Head Has Been Crushed. Detective Piercy Knows Foul Play Is Involved.

Book 10: Alone On The Moors

Fourteen-year-old Kayleigh Harrison Lies Barely Alive Outside A Nightclub. She Was Brutally Attacked — And Left To Freeze To Death In The Snow. Detective Piercy Must Bring Her Attacker To Justice.

Book 11: Fear On The Moors

Detective Piercy Investigates Claims That An Elderly Woman Is Being Stalked In Her Own Home. Then A Body Is Dug Up From An Ancient Well On Her Property. There's Certainly Something Sinister Going On Up On The Moors.

Book 12: Guilt On The Moors

Two French Teens Have Gone Missing From A Lonely Old B&b At Rudyard Lake. Can Detective Piercy Find Them Alive?

Book 13: Trapped On The Moors

Detective Piercy Is Looking For A Missing Man. Then She Uncovers A Shocking Link To The Recent Death Of A Local Boy.

Book 14: Taken On The Moors

A Ninety-six-year-old Man Disappears From His Residential Home In His Slippers. Detective Piercy Searches Desperately To Find Him Before It's Too Late.

Book 15: Blood On The Moors

Detective Piercy Finds Anthony Newton Decomposing In His Bath Tub. Someone Clearly Hated Him To Stab Him To Death And Leave Him Like This. But Where Is His Wife?

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