Priscilla Masters

And None Shall Sleep

And None Shall Sleep

Joanna Piercy

'Jonathan Selkirk – make your will.'

Hours after opening this letter, high-powered solicitor Jonathan Selkirk is in hospital recovering from a suspected heart attack. That night, he vanishes from his private room. Has he discharged himself? Or been abducted? Briefly admitted to the same hospital after a road accident, Detective Inspector Joanna Piercy finds herself having to cope with not only a broken arm but also a murder investigation and the arrival of a senior officer from the Regional Crime Squad. Superintendent Karen Pugh thinks there is a contract killer at work – but who, in the small town of Leek, could have hired him?

The fourth of Telos Publishing's reissues of noted British crime author Priscilla Masters' Joanna Piercy mystery series.

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"Clear and well-crafted story-telling that pulled me in right from the start … I'm so glad that these books will get a wider audience."

Ann Cleeves

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