Priscilla Masters

Catch The Fallen Sparrow

Catch The Fallen Sparrow

Joanna Piercy

Detective Inspector Joanna Piercy and her sergeant, Mike Korpanski, find themselves investigating the murder of a ten-year-old boy whose burning body is found beneath the Winking Man, a desolate outcrop from which nature has carved a human face.

The boy's body is scarred by cigarette burns, his hands tattooed and clothes scruffy – but he is wearing expensive Reebok trainers and on his left hand a monogrammed solid gold ring that belonged to the local MP, who has been dead for over a year...

Who is the young victim? And who is the mysterious old woman who watched his body burn?

The second of Telos Publishing's reissues of noted British crime author Priscilla Masters'.Joanna Piercy mystery series.

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"Hauntingly atmospheric."

Peter Lovesey

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