Priscilla Masters

An Imperfect Truth

An Imperfect Truth

Claire Roget

Dr Claire Roget's patient may have told her last lie, but can the truth about her death be uncovered?

Poppy Kelloway was a liar. Forensic psychiatric Claire Roget's patient made up 'facts' that damaged other families, destroyed relationships and even resulted in an untimely death.

Poppy left a trail of human misery in her wake, but when she's found murdered in her home by her two teenage sons, the savage nature of the attack is still shocking, as is the discovery of a torn appointment card for her next meeting with Claire. Could there be a connection between the murderer and the clinic, and is Claire herself in danger? Claire and Detective Sergeant Zed Willard must navigate dangerous minds and deadly lies in their quest to get to the chilling truth.

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