Priscilla Masters

The Watchful Eye

The Watchful Eye

Medical Mysteries

Dr Daniel Gregory, a GP in the small, picturesque market town of Eccleston, is becoming concerned by the frequency of visits by Vanda Struel and her two-year-old daughter Anna-Louise. At first he believed they were merely a symptom of a vulnerable young woman, over-protective of her child. But as the number of consultations escalates and the complaints become increasingly bizarre, Daniel worries that there could be something more sinister driving Vanda to the doctor's surgery day after day...

Distressing developments lead to Daniel's integrity being called into question, both professionally and as a man. His duty as a doctor collides with his conscience and the distinction between them becomes evermore blurred. His personal life is also far from straightforward; his wife is reluctant to allow him visiting rights to his daughter, a member of staff has a crush on him, and his overly possessive mother is on her way to sort out the mess...

With his professional reputation under threat – and even, ultimately, his life – Daniel quickly learns that nothing is as it seems: fine reputations can crumble; illness is not necessarily illness; love, not always love; and children, not necessarily innocent. But just how much is the terrible turn of events going to cost him?

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