Priscilla Masters

The Devil's Chair

The Devil's Chair

Martha Gunn

DI Alex Randall and coroner Martha Gunn search for a missing child, but their investigation is compromised by local superstitions and beliefs.

In the peaceful setting of the National Trust near Church Stretton, south of Shrewsbury, Tracey Walsh drives herself and her four-year-old daughter, Daisy, up the remote Burway in the early hours of the morning, tragically loses control of her car and crashes into the valley below.

Tracey is rushed to hospital, but where is Daisy? She has vanished, provoking an intense police search of the area around the Devil's Chair, land that is rife with legends and strange stories of witchcraft, sorcery and unexplained disappearances. Detective Inspector Alex Randall, the senior investigating officer, soon admits to coroner Martha Gunn that he is baffled by the case.

Alex and Martha must sift through fact and fiction, folklore and reality in their search for answers.

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