Priscilla Masters

Night Visit

Night Visit

Medical Mysteries

Harriet's patient is Reuben Camforth, an old man who lives on the edge of the forest.

As he is taken to hospital for the last time, Reuben begs for Harriet's help.

A decade earlier, his six year old granddaughter Melanie vanished. His final wish is for her disappearance to be solved.

Two months pass and with her personal life in turmoil, Harriet cannot forget Reuben's last words.

She finds herself becoming obsessed with the image of a child in a red dress wandering in the woods.

With Reuben's dying words clear in her mind, she vows to find the body—and the killer—of the little girl they called Melanie Toadstool...

Night Visit is a chilling medical thriller that is perfect for fans of Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs.

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